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We are Zapiens 

We lead the EV charging market, and we will change the world for the better by creating a more sustainable electric future. Are you in? 👫👭👬🌎

Being Zapiens means we are modern humans who show feelings and actions towards each other. We act promptly, and we wholeheartedly and persistently work to get the job done💪🏼. We're innovative, and we most certainly recognize opportunities in all types of circumstances.  

Join the adventure! Join our adventure.

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We won't tell you how to do things. We trust you will use the freedom of choice to find responsibilities and create new opportunities for yourself and the company.

CEO Anders Thingbø

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Whenever this 🤬 pandemic is behind us, our HQ in Stavanger, Norway will welcome you with arms wide open. Until then, see you on screen!