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Hi 👋🏼 we're Zapiens 

We lead the EV charging market, and we will change the world for the better by creating a more sustainable electric future. Are you in? 👫👭👬🌎

Being Zapiens means we are modern humans who show feelings and actions towards each other. We act promptly, and we wholeheartedly and persistently work to get the job done💪🏼. We're innovative, and we most certainly recognize opportunities in all types of circumstances.  

Join the adventure! Join our adventure.

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Zapiens at work


And what they think


Darren Gardner
Commercial Director at Zaptec UK

"Working at Zaptec is fun! The best thing about any business is the people, and my colleagues I consider friends. Zaptec also has great products that make a difference to our customers, and when combined with a vision centred on fighting climate change, then I’ve never felt so motivated."

Anna-Karin Andersen
Chief Commercial Officer

“I love working in Zaptec because of the people. It’s hard to find a workplace with more dedicated, collaborative, and enthusiastic colleagues, which makes it enjoyable to go to work. Zaptec is also a supportive company that offers opportunities for employees to develop and grow within the organization.”

Nikolaj Schüsler
Technical Specialist at Zaptec Denmark

"It’s been a journey from day one, providing me a better perspective of the e-mobility in this world - which I personally believe is the right to invest in. This transition affects everyone."

Greta Bekeryte
Hardware Engineer

"As Alan Kay once said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.“ I think, I am at the right place, - the place that contributes to the new, more sustainable future."

Henning Berland
IT Director

"It's fun! I have new, exciting challenges every day, and loads of colleagues with tons of energy that provides an unbelievable workplace."

Kristin Oliversen Thomassen
Graphic Designer

"The people I work with and the work I do brings me so much good vibes and energy! I love returning home to my family when a work-day is ending, and I'm always looking forward to the next day. It's even more fun when I meet fellow Escape Room fans at work."

Perks and benefits

We trust you do your job, flex your own day
We'll provide the hardware you need
Career growth & competence development
We equip you with our own gym clothes
We got your back in regards to insurance and pensions
We'll make you a shareholder of Zaptec
Work remote if you wish
Don't forget social events

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And meet our employees

Julie Frances Roman. Location: Norway

Lisa Blattmann. Location: Switzerland

Can you tell she likes hiking? Find out what she's doing at Zaptec 🏔

Will Fowler. Location: UK

Our outdoorsy adventure type of guy. And does he play football? Read all about it. ⚽️

Henri Tran. Location: Norway

Super service minded guy. Guess his favorite food 🍜. Or just find out.